Each year we have a limited number of internships available for students who express a financial need and apply. Internships can cover all or some of your class tuition through work exchange. Typically, our interns cover designated Box Office shifts while they’re enrolled. Some also fulfill other services, like Technical Improviser or Show Host.


To apply for an internship, fill out the form below. After that, we’ll schedule a meeting and talk about your application and plans to be part of the theater. We appreciate and encourage all who wish to help to apply. Note that internships are assigned per semester, which runs 8 weeks. All internships must be fulfilled within the same class enrollment period.

local responsibility

As Tampa Bay’s only full time improv theater, we find it crucial to invite any and all applicants. We believe firmly that the skills learned through improv classes apply both on and offstage and enrich the local, growing community here in St Pete. Potential students from all walks of life that have the drive and time to dedicate to our community are invited to apply. We think that our diversity, openness and willingness to serve the local scene is part of what makes us a hometown theater.

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