The Funniest & Fastest Comedy Show in Florida

Our newest show opens this weekend on Saturday August 3rd, featuring 8 performers, 30 skits, 60 minutes, and 1 grand challenge: complete all thirty improvised skits in sixty minutes before the time runs out. The show’s name is Closeline: 30 Skits in 60 Minutes, inspired by the longest running live show in Chicago’s history, Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind

Closeline 1

In the show, 30 numbered envelopes hang on a clothesline above the stage, each with its own suggestion inside. The crowd shouts the numbers, a performer grabs an envelope, reads the suggestion, and starts the next skit. Our performers can’t see the clock but the audience can, so you’ll be left wondering “how are they gonna pull this off?” as the time ticks down. If they make it, they get paid. It’s the fastest comedy show in Florida and it’s only at Spitfire Theater.

Closeline 2

You can see Closeline: 30 Skits in 60 Minutes on August 3rd & 10th at 9pm. Tickets are $20. Bring 3 friends along with you and you’ll get $5 off per person. Purchase tickets online at or call the box office at 727-329-6290. Suggested for people 18 and up, with unpredictable adult themes and language.