Gone Today, Here Tomorrow: Spitfire Doubles in Size

New Location

Only a few weeks have passed since our final performance in the space at 14 18th St S in Grand Central and the space is completely empty. The walls are gone, risers removed, furniture and spare wood locked up in storage. What took thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to build was torn down in just 3 short days all crammed into a 10x20 sqft storage space.

It’s funny how so much stuff can fit into such a small space.

It’s something we’ve all noticed as we walk around the old space. For some reason, without all the furniture and walls it feels...smaller. Somehow, all of that stuff opened the space up. As one of our performers said, “What you did with that tiny space was really just amazing.”

We think so, too. That’s why we can’t wait to start building the new one in September.


The new Spitfire is going to be way more accommodating to our patrons and performers, with more (and more comfortable) seats, a lobby-cafe with it’s own stage, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, beer and kombucha on tap, a full sized classroom and on site parking.

Upgrading from 1000sqft to 2400sqft, it’s almost double the size. According to Spitfire’s staff, it’s a much needed expansion. Amadeus Dameron worked the Box Office the final 2 weeks of shows at the old space and said the turnout was “absolutely wild” with every seat filled for 3 different shows a night. The upgraded digs will not just make more room for audience members, but give patrons and performers alike a place to gather and eat before and after shows and classes. 

Beyond that, plans have been made for more free community events that will include food and drink specials, opening the space to the public during weeknights for weekly open mics, short courses, board game nights and live music. If all goes as planned, the new space will open the first Friday of October at the new location in Grand Central off 1st Ave S, just a few steps from the old space.

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