Spitfire Spotlight: Austin Culp

Austin Culp

What's your day job?

I work as a manager at a Marketing company in St Pete!

Do you have any hobbies outside of improv?

Scuba diving, music, and writing.

What drew you to improv?

I was in a bit of a rut in life. I knew I needed a change and ran into Spitfire Theater at Localtopia. I was always a fan of all types of comedy and thought improv would be a great way to “snap out of it” and have a creative outlet.

What do you like to do most on stage?

My favorite thing to do on stage is to say or do something outlandish. I really enjoy the look on the face of the audience (and sometimes my fellow players) when something takes a turn into Weirdville.

Andrew Enright and Austin Culp.

Andrew Enright and Austin Culp.

What makes a good scene in your opinion?

Surprise! When I watch a scene, thinking I know what’s going to happen next and then a “plot twist” happens, it’s always cause for a big laugh.

What's the most memorable moment you've had at Spitfire?

That’s a tough one! I think my most memorable moment is compiled of all the memories made at Spitfire. I’ve met so many amazing people whom I love and am proud to call friends. Every time I walk through those doors I feel at home and get this incredible sense of belonging like I’ve never experienced before.

How would you explain Spitfire show to someone who's never been?

It’s like a 5 Gum and Skittles commercial had a baby. Amazing and weird but you always want more.

How would you describe the Spitfire community in 5 words or less?

A friendly, welcoming, warm glow.

Austin Culp performing with Doug Harwood and Tricia Christen-Rivas in Whose Line St Pete.

Austin Culp performing with Doug Harwood and Tricia Christen-Rivas in Whose Line St Pete.

You can see Austin perform in Improvarama and Whose Line. He also performs on the team A/V Club and is a special guest player for Rhyme’N’Reason. In April, you can see him in Game of Lesser Thrones, our Game of Thrones inspired mainstage.