Spitfire Spotlight: Beck Fisher

Beck Fisher at the St Pete Improv Jam.

Beck Fisher at the St Pete Improv Jam.

What's your day job?

I'm a full time student at SPC with a major in American Sign Language. I do freelance commissions in digital art and crochet on the side.

Do you have any hobbies outside of improv?

Besides the aforementioned art and crochet, I play video games; I've played in Overwatch tournaments in the past. I eat up podcasts. I'm the dungeon master for my dungeons & dragons group, where most of the players are from Spitfire! I've been working on a multitude of writing projects, but haven't completed any yet.

What drew you to improv?

I got into improv in high school, but it was incredibly disorganized and none of us knew what we were doing. After I graduated, I started playing D&D, which really lit the spark. I love being encouraged to be goofy, to play characters, to make up stories and interactions on the fly. I always loved "playing pretend" as a kid, and I suppose I never stopped.

What do you like to do most on stage?

My favorite thing to do on stage is to create an absurd situation to play in. I love to express characters through physicality, and really push how zany I can play without breaking the suspension of disbelief. I love to explore situations that would never realistically happen.

Beck Fisher and Austin Culp.

Beck Fisher and Austin Culp.

What makes a good scene in your opinion?

The best scenes I've seen have a very strong commitment to the situation that has been created. The players actively listen to each other, and are aware of what is happening in their world. They not only "yes, and-" but also build upon what was established to create a beautifully absurd yet relatable situation.

What's the most memorable moment you've had at Spitfire?

My most memorable moment was during our Level 2 showcase. Only a few seconds into coming on stage, my scene partner and I were getting laughs. Not just chuckles, but big laughs. It was then that the ball dropped that I can really, actually do this. I constantly notice my own growth as an improviser, especially cultivated by the classes here at Spitfire, and I am so excited to see where this path continues to lead me.

How would you explain Spitfire shows to someone who's never been?

Come watch some of the most effortlessly funny and talented people in the Tampa Bay area make up stuff off the top of their head for your enjoyment. We have no idea what will happen. Let's go on this journey together.

How would you describe the Spitfire community in 5 words or less?

We support each other entirely.

Beck Fisher with Soup Time teammates Ash Pachkoski, Coleman O’Toole, Zach Mouriz, and Cameron Abernathy.

Beck Fisher with Soup Time teammates Ash Pachkoski, Coleman O’Toole, Zach Mouriz, and Cameron Abernathy.

You can see Beck perform in Improvarama or in The Spitfire Open in her teams Soup Time, Not Plannedimorphs, Leveling Up, and What Haven’t We Done? She will also be in our upcoming mainstage, Game of Lesser Thrones.