Spitfire Spotlight: Jesse Weinstein

Jesse Weinstein

What's your day job?

Technical support at Verifone.

Do you have any hobbies outside of improv?

Mostly video games.

What drew you to improv?

It’s something I’ve played with the idea of trying for years and years, and finally I received an opportunity and went for it.

What do you like to do most on stage?

On stage I like to play games or find ways to incorporate games into scenes. If those games make people laugh, that’s a plus, if not, as long as my scene partner and I enjoyed it, that’s good too.

Jesse and Betsy performing their duo team for the Level 2 Showcase.

Jesse and Betsy performing their duo team for the Level 2 Showcase.

What makes a good scene in your opinion?

I think a good scene is one that everyone can enjoy. A scene that will make the audience either smile or laugh, but would also make someone who knows how improv goes appreciate the nuances and choices that go into each scene.

What's the most memorable moment you've had at Spitfire?

The most memorable moment was when I actually first heard about Spitfire. I was sitting with friends at The Burg when Ash walked by and overheard us talking about Overwatch. She sat down with us and started talking to us, then Beck came over, and slowly one after another, more and more Spitfire members started joining us and talking with us. We ended up staying till almost 1 in the morning just talking about the most random things.

How would you explain Spitfire shows to someone who's never been?

It’s just an incredibly fun time!

How would you describe the Spitfire community in 5 words or less?

An enormous, accepting family.

Jesse and his Level 1 class in April.

Jesse and his Level 1 class in April.

You can see Jesse perform in his Level 2 Showcase on our YouTube channel.