Spitfire Spotlight: Steven Fage

Steven Fage

What's your day job?

Business Owner/Podcaster.

Do you have any hobbies outside of improv?

Books and hiking.

What drew you to improv?

The mental challenge and trying to find ways to get out of my head.

What do you like to do most on stage?

Elevate my scene partner/group.

Steven’s Level 2 class

Steven’s Level 2 class

What makes a good scene in your opinion?

When the performers forget to impress and let the scene take over.

What's the most memorable moment you've had at Spitfire?

My Level 2 performance with Gabbi was by far the scariest performance but also the most fun.

How would you explain Spitfire shows to someone who's never been?

I always reference the "Whose Line Is It Anyway" TV show and then talk about the variations.

How would you describe the Spitfire community in 5 words or less?

One. Of. A. Kind.