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Win Money and Laughter in St Pete’s Live Comedy Game Shows

Spitfire Theater brings the quirky excitement of comedy game shows to life in the Grand Central District. With two totally unique options on two different nights, there's plenty of opportunities to watch and laugh. Improvarama, Fridays @ 9P. Whose Line St Pete, Saturdays @ 8P.

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Spitfire Spotlight: Craig Lawrence

This week, Craig reminisces about a scene his team, Big Ray’s Rib Shack, did where every person played a different drug. He also talks about the variety Spitfire Theater offers on Fridays, with a family friendly show, game show, and hip hop comedy show all in one night.

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Improvised Shakespeare Celebrates the Arts in Downtown St Pete

Spitfire Theater’s new improvised Shakespearan play, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Aren’t Dead, follows two bros who get sent back to the 17th century and caught up in the middle of treachery and hopeless romance. A part of St Pete’s Celebration of the Arts festival, the show runs for a limited time only, Fridays at 10pm through February.

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